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6x4ft Modular Flat Gaming Board

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This 6x4ft Modular Gaming Board is the perfect gaming surface for all your needs.

Made from 3mm thick MDF, this board is comprised of 24 individual 1ft-squared sections.

Enjoy the flexibility of customizing your board size, from 6x4ft to 3x3 or 4x3!

Set comes with:

24x flat board pieces

Be aware MDF can warp over time we have included support pieces to be added under each section to assist in preventing this from happening.

The best solution will be completely coating the boards in a sealant/paint to prevent moisture from entering the board.

Comes as a kit and is easy to build with a quality PVA wood glue.

Extra terrain and Miniatures shown not included and showing scale and what can be achieved with a few of our terrain pieces.