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Dead Man's Hand - Rulebook and Cards

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Dead Man's Hand is a 44 page, full colour rule book covering the following aspects of skirmish gaming in the Old West:
The use of the "Hand" and Initiative cards in Dead Man's Hand
Playing the Game
Summary of the actions models may take: Move, Aim, Shoot, Reload, Recover
The shooting sequence covers modifiers on hit rolls, weapon types, results of shooting, cover, falling and under fire markers.
Details how models may interrupt opposing models' actions by doing a duck back or quick shot.
Nerve Tests
How hits trigger Nerve tests and "Big Nerve" tests.
Hand-to-hand Fighting
Describes hand-to-hand fightin' in DMH, including breaking off combat.
Card Descriptions
This sections details different decks and how the common and gang specific cards affect gameplay.
The Gangs
Rosters, profiles and special rules for the four different gang types: Lawmen, Outlaws, Cowboys and Desperados.
The Scenes
Twelve scenes (scenarios) presented in four linked storylines.