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Rubicon Models - SdKfz 10 Half Track Small Gun Prime Mover

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The SdKfz 10 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug – special motorized vehicle) was a German half-track that saw widespread use in World War Two. Its main role was as a prime mover for small towed guns, such as the 2cm FlaK 30, the 7.5cm leIG, or the 3.7cm PaK 36 anti-tank gun. It could carry eight troops in addition to towing a gun or trailer.
The chassis formed the basis for the SdKfz 250 light armored personnel carrier. Approximately 14,000 were produced between 1938 and 1945, making it one of the most widely produced German tactical vehicles of the war. It participated in the Invasion of Poland, the Battle of France, the Balkans Campaign and fought on both the Western Front and the Eastern Front, in North Africa and in Italy.

Product Highlights:
- Highly detailed driver compartment
- With or without tarpaulin cover
- Two tarpaulin covers option
- Rear trunk platform for future expansion
- SdKfz 10/4 base platform included
- Driver included
Number of Parts: 97 pieces / 3 sprues

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted