MDF and Resin Turnaround time 10 days

Walled Fantasy Tower Modular 6 floors 28mm Scale

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6 floor tower with all levels separate so you can make the tower from 6 to a minimum of 3 levels. All levels have etched floors and they stack in a tight slot so they do not get knocked and dislodge in game but still allow you to place and remove troops from the levels

Whole items

363mm Wide

214mm Deep

Height 44mm

 Shed Size

Wide 65mm


Height 44mm

Whole items

120mm Wide

120mm Deep

262mm Height


Made from Laser cut MDF 

 Easily build with use of PVC wood glue.

 Design licenced from JB MDF Wargames.



Made from Laser cut 3mm MDF

Comes as a kit and is easily build with use of PVC wood glue (not included).

Miniatures not included