Bolt Action Renault R35 Light Tank

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Fielded in great numbers by the French army, the Renault R35 was used to support infantry formations as they battled the invading Germans. Designed to replace the antiquated FT-17 tanks, the Renault R35 was a small but well-armoured French infantry support tank. It would also see service with the French, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Yugoslavian armies!

The R35 was slow but, as it was largely employed to support infantry, speed wasn't a key consideration, although its two-man crew were usually overworked in the cramped confines. Its armour was impressive for a tank of the early war period – up to 43mm. It had a low velocity 37mm main gun and a machine gun giving it good infantry support capability – the main role this tank was used in.

Contains one resin & metal Renault R35 light tank with metal tank crewman, stat cards, damage markers, decal sheet and order dice.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted