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This is a Free to Download Ruleset Set in The Old West. Download Link for rules will be emailed once checked-out.

We are fortunate enough to have Enarian Games to let us offer their western rule set as a digital download for all western miniature game lovers.

Please help support their great work with their new and refined ruleset set Bounty: A Leadshot Expansion in the near future once released.

The game was created with the intent of being able to set up and play a quick game against an opponent or multiple opponents, with easy to understand quick-play rules, or by using the advanced rules to
enjoy a longer campaign style game. If more than 4 players are playing, using the quick-play rules, I recommend that the number of gang members be reduced, to allow for less confusing gameplay, or
look at playing as a Legend.

Players will need up to five (5) Old West miniatures, some terrain and a table to game on, a selection of D6 and D8 dice, a measuring
device of some kind that shows inches, pen/pencil and paper to record game information, and some markers/chits of different colours to indicate wounds and certain movement and/or actions. There are
also tokens for you to print in the back of this rule