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Crimean War Russian Line Infantry -

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The bulk of the Imperial Russian Army that faced the allied nations of Great Britain, France, Sardinia and the Ottomans comprised the stoic infantrymen clad in their green and white uniforms, often cover by a drab greatcoat.

Singing their hymns to Mother Russia, the simple peasant stock that filled Russian regiments had a fervent belief in their Tzar and an equal belief in the bayonet due to their poor musketry skills and old weapons.

The Russians were able to call on a colossal pool of manpower although the individual soldier was on the whole poorly trained, equipped and led. Despite these shortcomings nobody could doubt their bravery – the soldiers were used to privation and sacrifice throughout warfare with the great Ottoman Empire for many years.

  • 24 plastic Russian Line Infantry in helmets, with 8 optional forage cap heads
  • 3 metal Russian command group

    Models supplied unassembled and unpainted