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Frostgrave Blade-Dog & Construct Hound -

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This type of construct has recently become a favourite of wizards exploring Frostgrave. Essentially, the wizard takes a bunch of old bladed weapons such as swords, spears, axes, knives, etc., and beats them into the rough shape of an animal. Usually this is a dog, or some other four-legged animal, but it doesn’t really matter. The resulting construct is designed to move fast, strike hard, and inflict maximum damage, while being ultimately disposable. 

Construct Hound

Construct hounds are a specific type of small construct, built primarily for speed. In truth, they are generally thought of more as pets that young wizards create to practice animation than as soldiers, but if given sharp teeth, claws, etc., they can be used in a pinch. Like all constructs, their appearance varies wildly and generally depends on the proclivities of the animator and the locally available materials.

Two 28mm sized models, supplied unpainted.