Frostgrave Magmites & Hell Crows -

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The turmoil of volcanic activity is often enough to crack the barriers between planes. Usually this isn’t a problem as most demons cannot survive the heat and destructive potential of lava or magma. The little demons known as magmites, however, seem to thrive in it. Standing about 3’ tall, and appearing in a variety of physical forms, they move freely through lava, and seem almost immune to elemental fire.

Hellcrows are not one specific type of demon, but a generic term used by the explorers of Frostgrave to describe any of the small, winged imps that vaguely resemble birds. These demons sometimes look practically identical to birds, with a spark of malevolent intelligence in their eyes being the only sign of their true heritage, while other times they bear more obvious marks – multiple heads, extra wings, tentacles, horns… Regardless of their physical appearance, hellcrows prefer to dive on their prey, seeking to kill with quick strikes and acidic bile.

Two Magmites and two Hellcrows per pack. 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.