Frostgrave Trapper and Trophy Hunter

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A few rare individuals make their livelihood by travelling deep into the wilderness and spending weeks setting traps for small animals. This not only provides food, but more importantly, the right animal skins are worth significant amounts of money when sold in bulk. While such people are naturally loners, they can sometimes be hired by wizards looking for a little extra help surviving the harsh wilderness.

While most hunters are primarily after meat and fur, trophy hunters search for bigger prizes. These hunters target creatures with specific items that can be sold for big money in faraway lands – the horns of a foulhorn, the antlers of a rangifer, the head of a werewolf, and so on. Some people find such hunters distasteful, and see them as abusing the natural world, but trophy hunters rarely take notice of such complaints. So long as they’ve got buyers, they’ll keep doing what they do.

Two metal figures, 28mm sized, supplied unpainted.