Hail Caesar: Caesar's Gallic Wars - Invasion of Gaul

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Gaius Julius Caesar used the Helvetii tribe’s migration as casus belli (cause for war), initiating almost a decade worth of campaigning in Transalpine Gaul and beyond. Fortunately, Caesar recorded all his exploits – casting himself as hero – in his book, Commentarii de Bello Gallico (Commentaries on the Gallic Wars). This supplement follows the year-by-year narrative of Caesar’s campaign, presenting Hail Caesar scenarios for each of the major encounters and battles.

Will you follow in the footsteps of Caesar and subjugate the Gallic tribes under the heel of Rome, or will you gather the tribes and rebel against the hated Roman oppressors?

Caesar’s Gallic Wars includes a detailed history of the campaign, featuring 44 scenarios, and army lists for Caesar’s Roman Legions and the Helvetii, Belgae, Gaul, Germani and Briton tribes they fought.

A copy of the Hail Caesar rulebook is needed to use this supplement.