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Large Modular Farm 28mm Scale

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This is a huge terrain piece for your boards.

At 64x37cm it will be a great piece to showcase on a gaming table.

The stables and house have interiors and doors and walled doors which hinge if you apply tape or blu tack to them. All building can be used separately allowing more flexibility. The roofs and floors are all removable.

Complete Model
166mm High
641mm Wide
370mm Long

166mm High
260mm Wide
159mm Long

Open Barn
91mm High
111mm Wide
160mm Long

108mm High
96mm Wide
370mm Long


 Design licenced from JB MDF Wargames.

Made from Laser cut 3mm MDF

Comes as a kit and is easily build with use of PVC wood glue (not included).

Miniatures not included