Stone Tower (Plastic) -

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Wow, we are so excited about this tower. A multi-part plastic kit that lets you build either a classic medieval tower or a more fanciful Gothic fantasy version with sharp peaks and gargoyles. PLUS it will form part of a larger castle with the new Wall Section add-ons and extra Tower Add-On levels.

The Tower comes in kit form, unassembled and unpainted.

Box contents: 12 Frames consisting of,
• 4 x Frames with Cross Bow Slits to build the lower levels
• 2 x Window frames (for the top third of the tower shown)
• 2 x Stone effect bases
• 2 x Frames of Crenellations, Gargoyles and Wall Torches
• 2 x Frames with Doors, Trapdoors and Portcullis this frame also has optional corners designed for a fantasy look if required

The Tower measures 16cm x 13cm with a height of 27cm without the fantasy corners (these are included on the frame but as with the gargoyles, are optional)

Have a look at the photos. The castle shown is made up from 8 Towers, 8 Wall sections and 1 Add-On Level for the Tower. You know you want one. We want two. Each. Or maybe three.

Hard plastic, supplied unpainted and unassembled.