WW2 Armored Car Camouflage Du Matériel (CDM)

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A little known armored car design, the Automitrailleuse CDM, or CDM armored car, is one of the most extensive armored vehicle projects undertaken in secrecy, not only from the general public but also from the higher-ups of the manufacturer’s own military. This was a project undertaken by a rogue element of the Vichy Regime’s military that refused to accept the Armistice and prepared to resist a German invasion of the unoccupied southern half of France.


This model is resin printed By Dark Caste Terrain. Available in 28mm, 20mm Scale

Models are hollow with round holes underneath due to nature of resin printing

Model will require some gluing please use super glue as plastic model glue will not hold.

Licenced by wargame3d (Ukraine)